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Roasberg is more than just a cafe, it’s a cultural experience

We want to inspire our customers every day.

What better way to create that then by adding some culture, into the blend of brew you’re sipping.

Every month we showcase work from talented artists that can add more energy into our space.

Come on in and absorb our featured artist for this month.

Bogdan Lupu


Malaika Mollel

I’m Malaika, the painter behind February’s exhibition in the beautiful Roasberg Cafe. I started my painting journey last spring 2020, due to having more time in hand after starting to work remotely from home. At first, I was so stressed about painting, but after finishing my first girl (Amara), I quickly got the hang of it and got so carried away.
As you see, my paintings at the moment are about bold, colorful, and beautiful (inside out) women, who spread nothing but good energy any- and everywhere they go!
I’m still at the very beginning of my journey, and enjoying every bit of it! There’re lots of new visions I have in mind. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the goodness and check me out on Instagram and Facebook @mollelmalaikaart.

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