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Every month we showcase work from talented artists that can add more energy into our space.

Come on in and absorb our featured artist for this month.


Beata Nyberg

This November Roasberg showcases the works of the 20-year-old photographer from Helsinki, Beata Nyberg. She first got into photography at the age of ten, taking pictures of insects. Macro photography has remained dear to her. Nyberg is self-taught and her identity as an artist is gradually building up.

The first pictures of her debut art exhibition, Rumankauniit (Ugly, yet beautiful) were taken already five years ago. The show invites viewers to reflect on the beauty of nature from a different perspective. Usually things which are considered meaningless could be interesting. Nyberg shows the beauty in dead, creased rose hips and autumn leaves. Her works capture the fragile, fleeting moments of beauty in nature.

Nyberg is interested in the shapes and colours of nature. The works achieve a sense of space while being full of details. Nature’s variability fascinates Nyberg. She sees momentary fairness in nature.

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