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Every month we showcase work from talented artists that can add more energy into our space.

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Anastasiia Riame

Are you an artistic person? Would you ever consider painting or any other creative activity as your hobby? Would you do anything like that for living?

If you would ask me these questions 1,5 years ago I would say NO to all of them with great confidence and would probably start describing myself as unimaginative person with no artistic abilities. However, today I would give an entirely different answer.

Yes, I haven’t held a brush since the last art class of primary school until February 2020 when I bought my first art supplies and created my first work (Actually, I love that one the most out of all my works). After that, many things changed. I had people modelling for me naked, painted in various techniques and even started holding Fluid Art workshops. I have had my works being complimented by strangers and friends, had commission painting orders and now having my second art exhibition here in Roasberg.

My point is: you don’t need to know how to do something in order to do it. I still haven’t acquired any academic drawing skills. I don’t know how to paint a scenery or simply a flower that looks like a flower. What I learned instead is a way to express my feelings. It is a new tool that I use every time I’m feeling low or confused.

As for other, less interesting details, I am a Russian Helsinki-based artist. Just recently turned 24. I live with 2 Russian blue cats and around 30 plants. I’m into active sports like snowboarding or cycling, ice swimming and honest conversations. I have a degree in International Business and I do Process Development at Swappie for living. I went plant-based last April and I don’t like being called Nastia. I live on Piritori, Helsinki and my favourite food to this day is pea soup and hummus.

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