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Carmina Ndahiro

Carmina Ndahiro is a photographer with dual nationalities, Rwandan and Finnish. She was born in Kenya in 1996 and spent her entire childhood and some of her adulthood in Rwanda before moving to Finland where she completed her high school and began digging deeper into her love for the arts.

Ndahiro has been doing photography since the age of 15 with a documenting approach to capture everyday life. Her photography began as a way to shoot different moments in her life, unordinary days and travels, but more recently she has taken her work professionally where she now documents other people’s lives, leaning towards minorities who do not often get portrayed in modern media. She describes her passion for photography as the best way she knows how to communicate and connect with other people and that any kind of positive change to an individual(s) life from sharing their stories is what continues to drive her.

Our Time is Now is a collection of documented photographs of women living in Rwanda, who all show the incredible ways women can hold grace and strength simultaneously. The exhibition is also a personal reflection of Ndahiro on how over time, she has redefined and embraced her identity.

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