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We want to inspire our customers every day.

What better way to create that then by adding some culture, into the blend of brew you’re sipping.

Every month we showcase work from talented artists that can add more energy into our space.

Come on in and absorb our featured artist for this month.

Bogdan Lupu


Ahmet Arslan

Ahmet Arslan’s life journey has begun on July 7, 1992 in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities Antalya and Helsinki became part of this journey just 5 years ago. He has been making his living by cooking delicious food for humanity since he stepped into professional field. While experiencing challenges of starting a new life from scratch in a different culture, he found serenity in painting and started reflecting the life into the canvas from his perspective.

He is a self-made artist having no professional painting education. The challenges of life taught him well to illustrate what is going on “inner Arslan” on the toiles with a unique touch. He likes to improvise and mostly uses acrylic and oil painting in his paintings. He prefers visualizing his feelings by colors to convey them to the viewers. Who knows, many people might have the same emotions but hesitating to express openly. Every brushstroke is part of silent language that builds connection between people without knowing each other.

He has passionate dreams that made him opened a little atelier, which is fully covered with artistic stuff and filled with inspiration. He thinks that this is the right time to leave his cocoon and radiate his “handstep” to a broader cluster. Following an exhibition organized by HIAA (Helsinki International Artists’ Association) in Helsinki, he is greatly proud of launching his first own exhibition during July 1st to 31st, 2021 at Roasberg (Mikonkatu 13), which is also the place that he is currently working as chef, more importantly called as his home.

He is so excited to greet and meet the art lovers, old and new friends as the exhibition approaches. You might be eating and viewing his creations at the same time.

May the art be with you!


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