About Roasberg

Roasberg is not just any coffee house with four walls. It’s a social context, an environment in which people make things happen. Work or relax, it’s up to you.

First you drink coffee, then you do things

Being one of the most comfortable cafés in Helsinki, no wonder people spend hours with us relaxing into their couch.

Work with your favourite brew, meeting friends for lunch or relaxing into the evening for a glass of wine, all seem to be part of the Roasberg culture.

We began Roasberg to be a place for people, where they can be creative or simply just ease into their day. We continue to support the local community through the Roasberg Gallery and by preparing food on site.

Come on in and experience Roasberg, your coffee house.

Serving Delicious Coffee, Makes People Creative

Our loyal customers make us who we are. With their support, Roasberg is the go to place in central Helsinki to drink and think. Even shoot the odd video.

“Good vibes and positive energy, I look at your page and I can “smell it” over here. Totally my kind of place.” @annecvalo

Our Gallery

Roasberg being social, has amassed a collection of images by our patrons. Thank you to all our customers and friends.

Come On In!


Mon - Thurs
09.00 – 22.00

09.00 – 24.00


10.00 – 24.00

10.00 – 22.00

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